resin bonded gravel Tollerton and Radcliffe on Trent

August 22nd, 2013

resin bonded gravel Tollerton and Ratcliffe on Trent

resin bonded gravel Tollerton Nottingham, Derby, Sheffield, Leicester we can show you a resin bonded gravel installation near you.

What a busy  week ahead for quotes  which includes  a resin bonded gravel Tollerton .  We have already been to Staffordshire which is on the edge of our working area, but well within the capabilities of Drive-Cote Ltd installers.

In order for the  lads and staff at  Mansfield based Drive-Cote Ltd to work efficiently we need good quality reliable products and  suppliers.  And that is something we at Drive-Cote Ltd have established with our long standing suppliers.

We have been working with our particular supplier of resin,  who exports all over  the world, for quite a time now.  The quality of the resin is outstanding.  They never fail to deliver as, when, how and what as required.  This enables us to offer a quality service as previously completed in the Tollerton, Radcliffe on Trent and Gamston areas.  So if you want to seen an example of our resin bonded gravel Tollerton works, then drop us a line.

 resin bonded gravel Tollerton

We have received an enquiry this week with regard to a resin bonded gravel Tollerton  previously completed.  Nothing wrong with the surface, apart from the fact that the builder they employed damaged the driveway itself (as we regularly say our resin because it is only 5mm deep, does not support vehicles it uses the existing base to support the weight, so,  if that goes so does our resin, hence not applying it to all surfaces).

installation of resin bonded gravel by Drive-Cote Ltd team resin bonded gravel Tollerton completed by Drive-Cote Ltd Installation of resin bonded gravel by Drive-Cote Ltd resin bonded gravel Tollerton

The builder had offered to reinstall the surface and the client was looking at resurfacing as well.  Now our product is primarily designed to work on existing  concrete, tarmac and imprinted concrete surfaces. This can mean when a new concrete, tarmac or imprinted concrete surface is laid then the cost of the resin is added, it can work out expensive. The enquiry at this stage did not progress further.

That was some 2 years ago and the client enquiring was the new owner to the property.  We have now received a call asking for us  to chip away some of the surface as it is too high?  The damproof level is affected by our resin and that it is causing damp.

As we regularly say we using existing surfaces and that our product does not affect exisiting levels, so this cannot be the case with this recent call.  We have been asked to chip away at it.  We have tried to contact the customer, but have not achieved that yet!

Also new enquiry through from Radcliffe on Trent not far from resin bonded gravel Tollerton jobs   we have completed , so will be getting back to him.

We seem to be getting a lot of enquiries with regard to imprinted concrete and resurfacing due to the slippy aspect so will be out to see those as well.  Perhaps this  time of year  everyone starts to look towards Winter!  However as pointed out on this site it is generally the sealer which is slippy

Concrete, tarmac, imprinted concrete- driveway, paths and patios

Why not extend the life of what you have.  Don’t replace – it re use it.  Recycle your driveway, path or patio  With anti slip resin bonded gravel you can stay safe underfoot and have a virtually weed free and maintenance free surface.

Resin bonded path, resin bonded patio, resin bonded driveway – the choice of finishes are varied.


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