resin bonded gravel works for you

August 31st, 2013

Can we install resin bonded gravel works  for you

We have had an enquiry for resin bonded gravel works from Cumbria this week.  Unfortunately too far really to offer a fair price.  Chesterfield, Mansfield, Nottingham, Sheffield, Derby are more local to us for resin bonded gravel works.

We had quite a good chat with this customer.  They had existing concrete but over the years the freeze thaw process had damaged  the concrete.  They  had considered having the surface removed and started  looking at the traditional methods.  These being  block paving, imprinted concrete, or just plain concrete. But as we regularly say, why have something removed if it is structurally sound?  This applies to tarmac, imprinted concrete and concrete.

This client had no issues with drainage. The fall of the area was fine, it just didn’t look very nice and that is why they were considering resin bonded gravel works.

resin bonded gravel works

We find a lot of clients are now not just looking at drives and paths as separate entities but as part of the overall garden design. This particular client had completed a lot of works on their property and garden and wanted to incorporate the driveway, paths and patios into it.  Don’t forget maintenance free options like resin bonded gravel works for example  are becoming increasingly popular with households.  People have less time available with busy working lives.

resin bonded gravel works with drainage

Being an independent company we are not in a position to suggest alternative companies who work with the resin bonded gravel works.  In addition a lot of companies work with resin bound and this is not what we work with for existing surfaces.  Impermeability is key to prevent weeds.  The need for planning permission is not necessary.

We always recommend customers to look round where they live – supermarkets have tree pits installed using resin, walkways and pedestrian areas have resin  resurfacing.  The highways,  as this is where the completion of resin bonded gravel works on residential started .

Commercial installers do not always work with residential clients but as they say “they know a man who can” or at least may be they do.  So look round where you are and I am sure you will find some fine examples of resin bonded gravel works near you.

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