resin bound paving Nottingham

August 13th, 2013

resin bound paving Nottingham

Been on a quote today in Stapleford.  This potential client has an old concrete driveway that has been resurfaced with tarmac.  He had been investigating options with regard to resin bound paving Nottingham.   In addition there was a  side extension completed  at the same time which over the years had dropped.  This was  obviously due to an insufficient sub base when installation  works were  first carried out.  All in all it was all looking very shabby. In addition because of the  levels being out of line and the  drainage being  very poor we suggested  the best answer would be to rip out and remove  everything and start again.

A new concrete slabs was suggested. Then after a curing period resurfacing in 2-5mm golden pea resin bonded stone to finish it off could be applied.

Preparing areas ready for laying lawn turf  has been on the agenda in addition to the resin bound paving Nottingham enquiry.  We made a border of 150 x 150 tumbed natural stone setts which were laid several weeks ago. Applied a 6 inch layer of screeded topsoil which will be levelled and slightly compacted.  Finished off with a generous scattering of fish blood and bone and a good watering.  Not a very pleasant smell but an exceptional nutrient to compliment root development from the new turf.

Driveways, paths and patios can be part of your garden and resin bound paving, resin bonded aggregate and resin bonded stone can all be incorporated in garden designs and developments

Prepping of a North Wingfield in  Chesterfield Derbyshire job to be completed

prepped driveway for resin bound paving resin bound paving Nottingham by Drive-Cote Ltd

This client  had very old badly spalled concrete driveway which over the past 3 winters has continued to deteriorate due to the freeze thaw effect and the heavy use of salt in icy weather . Drainage issues have been cured with the use of a soakaway channel  which was cut out of existing concrete.  Lots of filling and trowelling to fill bad surface.  The customer went for the 2-5mm golden pea resin bonded stone finish which was duly laid and finished within the day.   Another highly delighted customer.


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