Resin driveway information call now

August 8th, 2013

Resin driveway information call now

Have been out to revisit a Lincolnshire enquiry who had previously had resin driveway information but I needed to revisit at their request.

This client originally  came to us  looking at the possibilities of  a  resin bound resurfacing  quote for  an old red tarmac driveway.  However on discussing the requirements and the existing surface we explained that due to the porosity of the resin bound application we would not advocate this.  As a result of this we were able to provide them with resin driveway information but for the bonded not the bound

The house had been rendered and unfortunately the plasterer  had made a mess and marked the tarmac.  It is possible to remove the marks but probably not without evidence of some form of spillage.

The actual tarmac was solid and sound but it did have moss growth which did was causing a bit of an issue with being slippy in Winter.

When I first priced for this client and provided them with the resin driveway information they were quite happy with the size and basic existing area. There was a lawned area to the side of the driveway and with the installation of a resurfacing job this would tidy the whole area up.

However after perusing our details and price, the client had decided that whilst having a resin bonded resurfacing potential, then this would be a good opportunity to increase the area, maintain the existing but also make the whole area look uniform.  Who know perhaps this client could rent out this driveway which seems to be becoming increasingly popular,resin driveway information

This benefit is not provided by the usual driveway products such as tarmac, concrete, imprinted concrete or block paving.

On calling round the client was looking towards a narrow extension piece approximately 3 ft wide and 3m length.  This would give the client a little more room to swing the car into the garage.   We have priced for this and look forward to receiving the ok on this in the next few weeks.

Being based in Mansfield in the East Midlands we are ideally positioned to serve four counties Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire and Lincolnshire.


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