resin driveway revisited Kirkby in Ashfield Nottinghamshire

August 19th, 2013

resin driveway revisited  Kirkby in Ashfield Nottinghamshire

Always nice to hear from a local job.  Especially one completed over 10 years ago.  An opportunity to complete a resin driveway revisted is always an opportunity to inspect our works.  More so when they are ringing and saying how impressed and pleased  they are with the durability of our resin bonded aggregate.  This revitalises and affirms the benefits and quality of our resin driveway installations.

We received the call from the customer and our lads had the opportunity to revisit an old resin bonded driveway we  had completed  over ten years ago.  The call was to ask if  we could touch up a couple of ten pence size areas that had flaked off over the winter.  The customer admitted that over zealous use of a shovel during the heavy snow falls had taken it’s toll and this was the reason for Drive-Cote Ltd to complete a  resin driveway revisited

The resin bonded stone driveway in Kirkby in Ashfield had been finished  in 1-3 pigmented venetian red with a buff Chinese bauxite border.  On first inspection this resin bonded gravel surface  was still in a remarkable condition even after 10 years usage.  After a 15 minute repair  this resin driveway revisited was back in  A1 condition and based on the last 10 years,  another 10 years of good service would not be an issue!

resin driveway revisted

Sutton in Ashfield Nottinghamshire

Been to see a potential client in Sutton in Ashfield  who had a concrete pathway enclosed between the side elevation of brickwork to property.  Over the years there was a developing problem of  water puddling and standing against the  brickwork. Not a good thing with all this wet weather we have incurred over the past few years.  It was causing damp penetration so we suggested we insert a length of eco drainage to the affected area to cure this problem.    We can then resurface the  pathway in resin bonded aggregate to seal the  area and depending on the colour chosen –  brighten quite a dark passageway up.  This would also help to eliminate the moss and algae potential

Sutton in Ashfield and Kirkby in Ashfield resin driveways.

Call us to find a  resin bonded driveway, resin bonded path or resin bonded patio  we have completed near you.  Completed in a day! no mess and no disruption.


Imprinted concrete slippy? we can resurface

Concrete old and tired?  we can resurface

Tarmac affected by the freeze thaw effect?  we can resurface.  Make your driveway path or patio part of your garden.

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