Dronfield resin bonded aggregate enquiry

September 10th, 2013

Drive- Cote Ltd dronfield resin bonded aggregate enquiryDronfield resin bonded aggregate enquiry

Week end quote for this Dronfield resin bonded aggregate enquiry (near Chesterfield).  They had quite a steep driveway that has had a diy approach  so far.  Somethings  you can do diy, some you cannot.  Whilst this diy approach worked to some degree it was not really a  long term solution.

There were two strips about 1 m wide by 5m long in an untrowelled rough concrete.  This concrete was a very undulating and rough area.

The client knew this was not ideal but was not happy at the options which he had found so far.  Namely being to remove the existing concrete and reinstall a concrete, imprinted concrete tarmac or even block paving surface.

This Dronfield resin bonded aggregate enquiry

has been looking for options over the past few years but is still struggling to decide what to do.dronfield resin bonded aggregate enquiry

We suggested laying concrete between the two strips and for it to be trowelled to the same level as the existing strips.  Once cured we could then overlay with our resin bonded resurfacing and this would make the area uniform.  It would also enable a weedfree, virtually  maintenance free option.  Anti slip with minimal mess and disruption!

This would drastically improve the look of the area.

There are other options available such as an infill of slate for example, for stone setts to be installed.  However these would not enable a uniformity to the surface.  We specialise in the installation of resurfacing options for not only driveways, but paths and patios. Whether you have concrete, tarmac or imprinted concrete we can resurface

Why not create kerb appeal and enhance your driveway path or patio.  Call Drive-Cote Ltd.  Designer grates? Designer gates? Designer  drives?

Chesterfield, Ripley, Alfreton, Heanor, Swanwick, Stonebroom. Alfreton Forest Town Daybrook, call Drive-Cote for an anti slip surface.  Extend the life of the surface you have.


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