resin bonded gravel surfacing choice

September 25th, 2013

resin bonded gravel surfacing choice

Real mix of enquiries this week for resin bonded gravel surfacing- not only on the types of surface ( concrete, tarmac and imprinted concrete all in the same day).

Areas as well –  Grantham, Coventry, Mansfield and Stoke on Trent!  Also one of our garden projects is developing a little more with some valuable input from the client themselves.

The Coventry enquiry was in relation to a very slippy imprinted concrete drive that was causing this client a few issues.  The customer had only had it down a couple of years, but already he had slipped on it twice in two days.  Not only that,  he was saying that as he was on a slope his car was even having trouble in the wet with the tyres.

The gentleman was looking towards having a path installed with our resin bonded finish.  resin bonded gravel surfacing

To look at he was more than happy with it visually, he was just not happy at how “dangerous” it was for him (his words not ours).  We have provided him with details and left the matter with him.

At least with a path on the imprinted concrete he would have a “safe” route to his front door.

We also have had a “famous” courier company on the phone to us.  Evidently one of their vans has stained a driveway and the tarmac needs resurfacing.  So will be out to a local Mansfield address to quote.

We have also received an enquiry for cleaning and sealing an imprinted concrete drive (in Mansfield again).  This time of year everyone starts prime their driveways paths and patios in readiness for the winter.  This lady had had the imprinted concrete driveway down for quite a number of years. They were quite happy with it but as the time had gone on the regular requirement to seal and protect  (which they had completed themselves over the years) was becoming a problem.
Our line of business is not to resurface at all cost, so we directed this lady to a couple of local Mansfield driveway companies who specialise in sealing, cleaning and coating imprinted concrete surfaces.

The advantage of our resin bonded gravel surfacing driveway product is the fact that it does not need any seal coat and because it is anti slip it inhibits the growth of moss and weeds.

What is the most a resin bonded gravel surfacing driveway needs

A quick jet wash and stiff brush.

So if you don’t have one of our resin bonded gravel surfacing options you will need to make sure your driveway path or patio will stand the test of the forthcoming winter.


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