commercial resin bonded gravel

October 27th, 2013

commercial resin bonded gravel  enquiry coming to fruition.

Very often we can quote for a job and it can take 2 or more years to come back to us.  However this Nottingham commercial resin bonded gravel enquiry has come back to us  no more than 6 months.

We provided a site visit for the commercial resin bonded gravel enquiry in Nottingham.  The contractor a Nottingham builder had been called out to quote for this job, and being aware of our  expertise in this field contacted us for our help.

The site already had had resin bonded gravel in certain areas, but to be perfectly honest it was a very poor job.


The building company are currently completing their works which they hope to finish in the next few weeks.  We can then move on to complete our commercial resin bonded gravel works.

The surface area to be completed is not an excessively large area, but it is a heavily pedestrianized area.  This means that our resin bonded gravel will offer an attractive and durable and anti slip surfacing option.

Commercial resin bonded gravel enquiries are fast becoming a large part of our business as more and more commercial resin bonded gravel  works are completed.  National heritage sites, disability access, no mess no disruption, uses the existing  concrete or tarmac as a base.

We have over the years provided a number of resin bonded gravel works and currently have a project on the go for a local  care home in Mansfield Woodhouse which w are hoping to complete in the next few weeks.

This particular job has a large forecourt made up of tarmac and concrete which is in poor condition. We have had to  clear the debris away, in preparation of the application of the commercial resin bonded gravel.  There are various cracks and potholes as well,  but the actual surface is structurally sound   like most driveways we deal with so if it is not broke don’t fix it.

Some of our commercial resin bonded gravel works have been for the local councils  and Educational authorities.  Key aspects being

  • Anti slip
  • No mess
  • Protective
  • Weedfree
  • No need to remove existing surfaces.

Remember why remove your existing there is always the chance you can fall foul of new installations, just like this council seems to have done.

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