refurbishment resin driveway Ravenshead

October 7th, 2013

refurbishment resin driveway

We have been out to  Ravenshead to provide  a quote for a potential client.

This Ravenshead client was undertaking a major refurbishment of an old Victorian property.  As the inside works  were nearing completion  they had turned their minds to the outside.  Not only the garden but the driveway as well.   An external refurbishment  for a potential resin driveway Ravenshead.

The driveway is an old tarmacrefurbishment resin driveway Ravenshead surface with plenty of weeds together with moss and cracks.

The Ravenshead customer had seen our  website on the internet and rang for some information.  After a brief chat this client felt it would be best if we called round to confirm our verbal chat.  It is always a good idea to have a site visit.  Images and the internet (google can be a help in some cases) are good  but they can also distort or not provide an accurate enough detail.

A little like the estate agents and selling properties, different angles can really disguise issues!

The client had made a few investigations and was pleased to hear that removal of the tarmac surface was not the only option.

We explained we would clean  and repair the cracks with our specialist filler.  We would also remove moss which is quite a hazard nowadays.  Because tarmac  does  have a certain amount of porosity this is how the weeds and moss can get a grip.   Remember weeds do not have to grow up through the surface.  They can be air borne and embed in.

We went out to see this client and found that we could work with their existing tarmac.  Samples were viewed and one of the key aspects of our resin bonded stone  being that fact that it could be installed in a day, impressed this customer.

This client was able to view a few jobs local  –  some over 10 years ago.  This provides proof of durability and longevity for the refurbishment resin driveway potentially.

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