resin bonded aggregate diy options

October 10th, 2013

resin bonded aggregate diy options is this the way forward?

We have been resurfacing with resin bonded stone or aggregate or gravel for over 12 years. During this time we have seen some choice jobs using the resin bonded aggregate diy options.resin bonded aggregate diy options

We may be asked why have we seen these resin bonded aggregate diy options?

  • Is it cost?
  • Is it the simplicity?
  • Is the ease of use?
  • Is it the fact that it can be completed in a day?

To be honest I would have difficulty in saying.   What I will say however is that 9 out of the 10 cases of resin bonded aggregate diy options we have been called out to view have been because they were not installed correctly.  Meaning we were called out to solve the problem of the resin bonded aggregate diy options that had been used.

resin bonded aggregate resurfacingThere are numerous benefits to a resin bonded aggregate surface including

  • Quick curing
  • Virtually weed free and maintenance free surface when installed
  • No need to remove the existing

However, the quick curing is the key in these three points.

An untrained installer or  resin bonded aggregate diy options do not work well with these two words.

Whilst it may be possible to do small areas (after a couple of practice runs – but where do you do the practice runs?) but in our experience the sensitive and temperamental qualities of  the resin and the  weather do not always go well together.

Specialist equipment is required to ensure good even and quality mixing.  Correct proportioning of the two parts is required. Knowledge of the required consistency is key as the temperature can have a dramatic effect on the end product. Correct preparation of the sub base is also key.

Resin bonded aggregate can transform your existing imprinted concrete, concrete or tarmac. Whether it is a drive, path or patio, it can offer  an attractive and durable finish.  Resin bonded aggregate can provide kerb appeal when applied correctly and professionally. A wealth of information is contained on this site not just for resin but for all sorts of works.

We can offer show drives in Mansfield, Nottingham, Ravenshead, Shirebrook, Ilkeston. Derby, Bolsover, Sutton in Ashfield. Over 12 years experience is what we can provide for new driveway path or patio.

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