resin bonded gravel coating

October 23rd, 2013

resin bonded gravel coating 

works and quotes for Mansfield Woodhouse, Gamston, Nottingham Mansfield, Castle Donnington and Sheffield have all been on our  works list for this week.

We recently had a referral through for our resin bonded gravel coating but unfortunately not all surfaces are suitable and this particular one was not (slabs but very poorly bed, damaged and uneven)

The selection of surfaces has been quite varying from concrete through to grass for our resin bonded gravel coating.  So lots to sort out.

Levels and drainage are very often high on our customers lists of questions.  However as we always say, permeability is not the main thing to consider, whether it is with a resin bonded gravel coating or a resin bound gravel finish.  What is key,  is the management of the surface water.

Suds compliance does not mean you have to have a porous surface it is about the management of surface water.

One of the orders we have taken this week is for a resin bonded gravel coating job in Castle Donnington.   Weather at this time of year can be a little dictorial, but with our experience of over 12 years, this is something we are well used to.

We have completed a quote in a village near Nottingham and this customer has a tarmac surface which has been down about 10 years.  However unfortunately it has started to break down.  The is the freeze/thaw problem which is a lot more prevalent nowadays is the cause.  As a result of the extremes  of weather we have had over the past few years this is becoming more and more evident.  This is where our resin bonded gravel coating can save the surface and/or  prevent it from deteriorating further.

 Nottingham Mansfield, Castle Donnington and Sheffield

The client was a  bit concerned  about the permeable paving aspect  however as we explained as long as the existing surface is not being removed and as long as the falls and drainage in existence work well, then there is no need to be concerned with regards to this.

tarmac in need of resin bonded gravel coatingThe property has dark brown brickwork and it was decided a light natural finish would be complimentary for the resin bonded gravel coating.

So whether it is concrete tarmac  imprinted concrete or tarmac, call us now if you want a solution to your deteriorating  driveway, path or patio.  Our resin bonded gravel coating originated for road use so it is well above what is required for a residential address.

We have also received an enquiry this week out of our area though, but quite an interesting one.

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