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October 19th, 2013

thrown resin drive

Too far south for us to be able to help with a thrown resin drive.  This customer was a commercial enquiry, for in his words a –  thrown resin drive.

The thrown resin drive was specifically requested for a number of reasons.  The anti slip aspect being very key for this client.

The contractor’s client was in the process of having various works completed in order to ensure easy and safe access to a residential property. This was due to the clients recent injury.

I understand the clients architect had specified on the plans a thrown resin drive with access  for a wheelchair being key.  The contractor did not have a hard surface in place at present.  This means prior to the thrown resin drive a concrete or tarmac surface would need to be installed.

This is the first time we have heard the term thrown resin but we can see why it has had this label.thrown resin drive

The two main options of resin for outside areas is resin bonded and resin bound.  Resin bound surfaces are trowelled on after being mixed together in a mixer, and needs to be installed at least 10mm in depth.  Resin bound is our preference for areas without a hard surface such as concrete or tarmac.  Resin bound is more relative to treepits and foot traffic, but can be susceptible to weeds and moss.slippy imprinted concrete needing thrown resin drive

Resin bonded is the one this client calls a thrown resin.  This is because the resin is applied to a hard surface such as concrete, tarmac, and imprinted concrete surface.  The aggregate is then “thrown “ on to the surface.  Sometimes known as a scatter coat but that is a very unfair description as the aggregate is not scattered on lightly to create a thrown resin drive.  It is applied on a dense level ensuring a good solid even surface.

Resin bonded drives and resin bound surfacing are fast becoming popular options for driveways paths and patios.  Attractive, durable and protective are all qualities we as homeowners are looking for.  The costs incurred in removing and reinstating surfaces (combined with the mess and disruption involved)  are all important considerations.  So call us now for a free quote.

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