Derbyshire concrete patio requiring resin bonded aggregate

November 10th, 2013

Derbyshire concrete patio requiring resin bonded aggregate

concrete patio requiring resin bonded aggregate

Received an enquiry today from a local customer.  The lady in question had been on our website and whilst it was informative and gave the lady a good basis of information  it still made the client query whether concrete patio requiring resin bonded aggregateconcrete resin bonded aggregate or  concrete resin bound aggregate should be the option for her patio area.

The current concrete patio area is only accessible via through the actual property.  This is quite familiar in some of the older properties we quote for and particular in the Derbyshire countryside.

The existing falls to this concrete surface are correct, and the surface is only for foot traffic.  So by rights the choice of either concrete patio requiring resin bonded aggregate or resin bound,  are options.

However, as with all our projects, there are still dictates of the circumstances  that can affect the options.  In this particular case the existing surface is already at a correct level.  To install a resin bonded aggregate would provide no problem as one of the key aspects is the fact that it does not affect existing levels, but it does protect the surface and extend the life of the concrete.  However, this particular client was looking at a smooth surface which is where resin bound aggregate comes in.

Without having a look at this concrete patio requiring resin bonded aggregate it would be difficult to say, but on the conversation and information provided, it would seem unlikely that we would offer resin bound purely on the fact that it is trowelled on and needs to be a reasonable depth (10mm and more) in order to provide the correct finish.  This would then really affect the existing levels of this concrete patio requiring resin bonded aggregate

This client made a very valid point though with regard to the problem of installing a permeable surface onto an impermeable surface. Because the fall is correct any water which permeates though would follow the fall as it slopes to the installed  aco drain , so the freeze/thaw effect would be more or less eliminated.

This particular job is a good example of how diverse and circumstance specific each quote and installation is.  Remember as well there is a difference with imprinted concrete and ordinary concrete.  Tarmac too has a different porosity, so depending on the existing condition as to which options would be available.

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