Driveway concerns for local Nottingham residents

November 3rd, 2013

Driveway concerns  for local Nottingham residents

Residents of a local Nottingham village have been warned about traders  –  the report goes on to highlight driveway concerns for local Nottingham residents

“Recent complaints about aggressive sales practices in the village – Nottinghamshire County Council’s Trading Standards team has received reports about doorstep traders operating in the area who may initially offer to show residents work they have carried out on other houses in the area.”

The report goes on to say that “residents should be on their guard and the doorstep callers may even dig up the resident’s driveway without the owner’s permission to force them to have the work carried out.”

This is not acceptable behaviour at all.  Trading standards are involved due to the apparently aggressive and unpleasant behaviour which has resulted in driveway concerns for local Nottingham residents.  Trading Standards have issued this report.  Evidently the doorstep salesmen are putting unfair pressure on people to use their service.

Whilst a lot of businesses may be finding business difficult, it is no excuse for this.

It would be difficult for any business to say they don’t employ sales people, because like it or not sales is what keeps a business running.  As a business we all develop into sales people as without sales there is no business.

However we at Drive-Cote Ltd  pride ourselves on offering a friendly and approachable service.  Drive-Cote Ltd is a local Mansfield based company and as such we pride ourselves on offering a local service to local people. Patios, paths, driveways, gardens   call us for a free quote.  Don’t let these rogues get away with poor and unwanted services.  Report any untoward activity to you local trading standard office.

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