resin bonded stone versatility

November 6th, 2013

We at Drive-Cote Ltd have been working with resin bonded stone for driveways, paths and patios for over 12 years.  Over the past few years the resin bonded stone versatility has become more and more recognised.

Resin bonded stone for driveways paths and patios are not the only options available for this exceptionally versatile product.

The obvious and usual options  for resin bonded stone for driveways paths and patios being

Drives  Cycle PathsFootpaths Landscaping

Housing Developments  Heritage Sites 

Roads Parks Pedestrian Areas

 Visitor Attractions

Durable  Fixed  Low Maintenance Natural Appearance

Decorative Anti-slip


According to National Company Addagrip   highlighting the use of resin including resin bonded stone versatility

“Our latest twist in decorative or designer flooring pushes the technology of resins in a different direction. Addazing incorporates metallic and/or pearlescent pigments. Each floor, each mix and every finish is as individual as the people who choose it.

The chemistry that makes this possible means that no two finishes are alike, creating fancy floors with a “wow” factor that can be as subtle or as bold as you like – now that’s a designer resin floor or panel”

We at Drive-Cote Ltd specialise in external resurfacing and that in itself  highlights the resin bonded stone versatility.   In the past we have completed garage floors in addition to driveways paths and patios.

The economic climate is not conducive to spending money easily, and with the resin bonded stone versatility this is a speedy but durable option.

Currently we have work you can view in Mansfield, Nottingham, Chesterfield, Shirebrook, Walesby, Ollerton and many more local Nottinghamshire villages.  Imprinted concrete, concrete, tarmac and in some cases slabs we can resurface providing you with a weed free  anti slip solution.resin bonded stone versatility


We have recently completed a commercial project for a local care home, providing the opportunity to reuse the existing causing minimal disruption.


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