aggregate resin driveway choice

December 1st, 2013

aggregate resin driveway choice

Here at Drive-Cote Ltd we use many types of stone granule both locally and internationally sourced and aim to be project specific with the aggregate resin driveway choice.  We do aim to source locally, but not always an option.

An aggregate resin driveway choice ( or indeed path or patio and even commercial projects) is of paramount importance as the granule  needs to be specific for the purpose.  Vehicle traffic and foot traffic do not have the same requirements and therefore careful selection of the right stone is critical for the durability and for the appearance.

The finished job can vary, visually,  tremendously depending on the aggregate resin driveway choice.  This includes colour and durability.  Batches can have an impact on the finish as well.  Only stone from the same batch is used on each individual job.  The reason for this being so as to avoid patching or swirling.

The size of the granule when aggregate resin driveway choice alternatives are given varies.  In our day to day projects we recommend either 1-3 mm or 2-5mm for pathways and foot traffic.  Then there is  2-5mm on the main driveways.  As we regularly say  – the anti slip properties for a resin drive are a major benefit.   The 2-5mm granule is our preferred aggregate resin driveway choice, a this provides excellent traction for car tyres.

Different size granules and types have different qualities –  for example hardness.

The hardest granule of choice is the imported Chinese bauxites which come in a selection of shades of buff and grey.   They can finish a project off nicely, but tend to be expensive and quite angular and sharp.  Perhaps not ideal for small children.

There are aesthetically pleasing choices available, but they should be hardwearing in addition to this so  aggregate resin driveway choice is very important.   Our most popular being the 2-5mm golden pea natural finish.  This offers not only an attractive and durable finish but also quite a cost effective option.  It has a more rounded profile than a Chinese bauxite, so it is not quite as aggressive.

Other options include  the pigmented range which can come in any colour of choice.  These granules undergo a treatment which coats the natural stone with a very hardwearing polyeurethane pigmented coating that is uv stable.  This coating provides a rich looking consistent colour whether it be our  most popular venetian red or the exotic blues and greens.

The options are more expensive and need to be ordered specially in.

Don’t worry though, on any quoting process will guide you in making the  right aggregate resin driveway choice. Whether you have a concrete,  imprinted concrete or tarmac surface, we can help.

Design and colour specific varations on request.   So for a weed free surface for your concrete, tarmac or imprinted concrete  call Drive-Cote Ltd

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