Edwinstowe resin drive option

December 4th, 2013

Edwinstowe resin drive option

We have received an enquiry this week from a local resident looking towards resurfacing the existing concrete driveway.

Because we market quite extensively on the internet we are able to reach more outlying Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and East Midlands villages and help them to protect and preserve their driveways paths and patios.  In this ever changing climate, the elements each year take their toll on our external surfaces.  The salt and and grit have a two fold effect.  It serves to provide an anti slip option.  But it also serves to be abrasive on tarmac, concrete and imprinted concrete – rock salt offers an alternative, but that is not without it’s disadvantages.

Last year we reported on the harmful effects on our pets  ( remember Olive and her shoes)  so we need to be  quite respectful with what we use on our driveway path and patio surfaces.

Currently we are looking to complete a Ravenshead driveway ( this one is tarmac) this week, but this is providing the weather is favourable.  We regularly see where some companies say  that in  freezing temperatures –  the resin will cure.  This is not necessarily the case.  The resin has a curing ability above freezing however, once again this is dependant on the surface, how large the surface to be covered is, whether it is an old or new surface.  DSCN4776 Edwinstowe resin drive option before Drive-Cote Ltd Edwinstowe resin drive option Edwinstowe resin drive option

Our Edwinstowe  resin drive option for this customer may be the ideal solution. Some extension works completed to the property have resulted in an additional concrete area.   The aim is to make all areas uniform.  Not all works we complete are due to the elements or deterioration of surfaces whether they are concrete, tarmac or imprinted concrete.  One of the benefits of our driveway resurfacing is the fact that the existing does not have to be dug up in order to provide a uniform anti slip surface.

Tarmac, asphalt, paths, patios, driveways or walkways we can use the existing surface.  You can have the look of gravel without the movement!

Commercial applications are becoming very popular -so join the trend,

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