resin drive preparatory works East Midlands

December 7th, 2013

resin drive preparatory works East Midlands

Particular care needs to be taken when completing resin drive preparatory works  prior to the installation.

99% of all our resin drive preparatory works are completed with the minimum of mess and disruption. This compliments the same no fuss no nonsense process of installing a resin drive path or patio.

Prior to resurfacing with our resin bonded stone, our specialist resin drive preparatory works are completed.  We aim to complete usually the day before if possible.  Whether they be minor defects or more invasive cracks, we ensure that the preparation works are carried out to the required specification.  This is to ensure a good clean resin bonded aggregate application.  This same process is applicable for driveways paths and patios.  However all preparation works  are surface specific.  By that we mean tarmac, concrete and imprinted concrete all having varying requirements.resin drive preparatory works

Cleaning of the surface to be resin bonded is key as well.  Grease, oil and existing stains can detract from a clean install.

resin drive preparatory worksPot holes and low spots are addressed.  This is part of the resin drive preparatory works process in order to  correct using our specialist filler.  The filler we use is quite an expensive product. To ensure our resin drive preparatory works  provide the optimum base for the resin installation, we need a fast setting waterproof and frost proof  polymer modified filler.  This filler is a trowelled  product and when cured ( in less than 2-3 hours) it provides a very tough and flexible repair.

It expands and contracts with the sub base ensuring  there is no potential for cracking in the future.    As with most projects diy or commercial the preparation works are the foundation of a solid,  reliable and quality installation.  Therefore our resin drive preparatory works are of paramount importance to ensure longevity and durability for the end product.

Later on I will go on to explain some important aspects with regard to the  specialist stone granules we use, because in addition to the resin drive preparatory work, the aggregate has a major bearing on the wear and tear and longevity.

We have been working with resin for over 12 years so no need to worry about a new driveway and the associated works.  Just resurface your existing concrete path or tarmac driveway.  Mansfield, Ashfield , Nottingham, Ilkeston, Sheffield, Chesterfield.  East Midlands resurfacing options.  Driveway path or patio!


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