resin bonded aggregate hard landscaping badgers and foxes

January 7th, 2014


DSCN4792resin bonded aggregate hard landscaping badgers and foxes

We have been working on a garden project during the summer and will continue now over Winter to some degree.  Why ? Because either badgers or foxes (or possibly both) have totally ravaged the lawned areas we have installed .

Here are pictures of what has happended over night!  We have been and tried to seal the area. This garden had previously been visited by the mole fairy!  but we had sorted that problem!

What we as a race must realise is that there is a consequence to everything.  I was listening to the astronaut  on a channel 4 programme who had seen the earth’s  problems –  both man made and natural.  He said you can’t stop them –  there are too many of us.  You can only try and solve the problems!

On this garden project we dallied with the idea of artificial grass, but wanted to maintain a level of natural elements in the garden.  The question is – had we installed artificial grass would the area have been less appealing to the badger/foxes? Indeed would it have been less appealing to the insects and food they were foraging for?badgers and foxes damage

The garden has areas of hard landscaping, some of which involve resin bonded hard landscaping, but not too much.  We consider the surface and the area and the reason for all projects.  The area this garden has with resin bonded aggregate  is relatively small in comparison to the rest of the area.

Natural habitats are in the decline for these badgers and foxes and  together with their need to look for food  they are searching gardens and in some cases living in garden areas.

We need to be respectful of the wildlife, but at the same time not offer too tempting an environment.  What we suggest is a mix. Hard landscaping, but also to incorporate a natural element.  Over the years the environment has changed and continues to change.  What choices we made 10 or 20 years ago are not necessarily the same choice we should make now.


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