resin bonded aggregate resurfacing concrete expansion strips

January 20th, 2014

 resin bonded aggregate resurfacing concrete expansion strips

What are they? Do we need them?  Yes for the purpose of concrete, but not for resin bonded aggregate resurfacing.

Because our product is a resin we can fill these with our specialist filler and completely resurface , thus preventing the ingress of water and the potential for weeds.

Unfortunately our resin bonded aggregate resurfacing concrete expansion strip solution is more expensive than a coat of  concrete  paint but it is a more durable option.

January last year we were covered in snow in Nottinghamshire   This year we have been lucky so far- but it is only early days.

Don’t forget the resin bonded aggregate resurfacing concrete expansion strips are there for a reason.  We resurface,  we do not remove and our product is only as good as the base we install it on.  Tarmac being a more porous product does not have to have expansion strips, however tarmac comes with its own problems – the freeze/ thaw and flooding  process for instance.  Imprinted concrete needing to be resealed on regular basis.  Why  not just have an access area?  Imprinted concrete when laid correctly can look really impressive and offer a bespoke option for your property. So if you find it is too slippery why not just have a section completed with our resin bonded aggregate.

According to the BBC  news today

“The council’s highways maintenance contractors are being deployed to carry out repairs before predicted colder weather worsens the problem”.  With our resin bonded resurfacing you can prevent, protect and extend your driveway path or patio.

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