resin bound gravel creating resin drives

January 30th, 2014

resin bound gravel creating resin drives

The popularity of “makeovers” over the years has increased.  Homes –  interiors – gardens.   Cost effective resin bonded stone developed as a result  of road resurfacing.  Resin bound gravel creating resin drives –  developed a few years later.  The solution to the resurfacing of existing concrete, tarmac and imprinted concrete.  To provide kerb appeal!

This time of year the weather can be quite an issue not only for existing driveways paths and patios but for the installation of resin bound gravel and resin bonded gravel.  So be  wary of any promises  of installations at this time of year!

The opportunity for a resin bound gravel creating resin drives can be an expensive option and an important factor is the permeability.

Resin bonded gravel creating resin drives is a more durable option in our experience than resin bound gravel creating resin drives.  This is because it does not affect existing levels, seals the surface and very importantly.  provides an anti slip surface.  This  is particularly important when it comes to imprinted concrete.  Sealing an imprinted concrete is a necessary evil (so to speak)  in order to maintain the longevity and this in turn can provide a slippery surface.  Not a good surface in winter.

Over the years we have had requests for resurfacing with resin bound gravel creating resin drives, however that is not the route we would choose.


Well a number of reasons – if a permeable product (resin bound) is installed on an impermeable surface (tarmac, concrete, imprinted concrete) where does the permeating water go?  If it sits between the two surfaces it could freeze and thaw and possibly result in the freeze/thaw process and damage the existing surface.  The Environmental Agency provides information on local risk areas for flooding, in addition they are a good source of general information.

Weeds – do not necessarily  grow up through existing surfaces such as concrete and tarmac.   Trees and plants  – seeds are embedded in open textures (tarmac and concrete spalled) or any little cracks that may appear, and when weeds get a hold this can deteriorate the surface further.

Block paving is not a surface we can work with when a vehicle is involved.  The reason being that the blocks move independently and therefor does not provide a solid monolithic surface.  This being really the optimum to be structurally sound.  Block paving can be used to add detail though if required.

Mansfield, Nottingham, Derby, Chesterfield, Matlock, Skegby  or Teversal.  Just some of the areas we have completed works over  the past 12 years.  In fact we have just received a call from a previous customer wanting their path completing after we completed there drive last year.

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