resin drive discounts are they value for money

January 25th, 2014

resin drive discounts are they value for money

Well there’s a question to ask!  resin drive discounts are they value for money – It is the same with most offers  you have to decide if they are genuine or value for money.

Perhaps when considering resin drive discounts are they value for money, is to first as why?

Is it defective stock?

Is it excess stock?

Is is a new product?

Is it a previous order made and then cancelled?

There are always opportunities and good quality discounts and offers out there, but as with most things you have to assess the facts and decide from there.

Are they a local company?

Has anyone  you know  used this company?

Are they a member of an approved contractor scheme?  – Now there is one to ask.  We have recently seen an approved contractor scheme  being discussed – ” I believe ‘Approved Installer/Assured’ schemes to be commercial suicide depending on the quality of the Area” says one contributor to a discussion – not on resin drives though.

One of the key things to remember is to always ask for more information.  In these tough times, a business may only want to just have enough business to keep him, his staff and his business continuing.  Larger concerns may have larger ambitions so

” resin drive discounts are they value for money”  can be a business specific offer and a valuable one so don’t dismiss it !

However also consider that not all offers are marketed heavily on line.

The driveway, building, gardening and landscaping business can be a tough industry and new products are always out there so to see discounts is not unusual.

We as a business do not tend to have discounts such as this,  as all our works are based on individual needs to the customer and circumstances and area.  We would be foolish to offer a firm price discounted or otherwise  apart from a very basic indication when we first speak to clients.

Our resin drive business has been in force for over 12 years, and we pride ourselves on bespoke installations.  Whether it is concrete, tarmac or imprinted concrete, whether it is a path or patio our resin has the potential to be used whether it is for a resin bonded gravel drive or resin bonded aggregate path.  Virtually maintenance and weed free we can offer an anti slip resurfacing option.  An invaluable option for the winter months.

Mansfield, Chesterfield, Tibshelf,  Alfreton, Ilkeston, Sutton in Ashfield, Ripley, Nottingham,  we can work within a 60 mile radius of Mansfield.


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