Gardens driveways drainage floods are we to blame

February 19th, 2014

Gardens driveways drainage floods

Gardens driveways drainage floods – all being discussed in great detail over the past few weeks.  Who is to blame?  Can anyone be blamed for gardens driveways drainage floods?

Blame cannot be directed  to any one particular cause  or can it ?  Is it the large housing developments  the UK is under pressure to produce?  Is it paving over driveways?  Or is it global warming?  Or is it all these things?

I have seen a couple of reports recently  and one or two discussions over the last day or two  and even Alan  Titchmarsh has waded into the debate (excuse the pun).

In the report which Alan Titchmarsh commented on  it goes on to say


“Lord Krebs claimed driveways and patios let rain-water run straight into rivers and led to flooding”

He said: “We need TV gardeners to tell people not to put down patios and decking.”

It is even said that experts believe floodwaters won’t now ebb until the summer!  Will we see a drought then?

Lots of opinions on landscape Juice   One of  the contributors on the network goes on to say

“The paving /tarmac and loss of soil may lead to a bit more surface water but nothing to do with the floods we are seeing now. I blame what we are getting now on climate change”

and another  opinion as follows:

“Also if the planning authorities allow building on flood plains and you buy a house on a flood plain guess what? the clue is in the name “Flood plain” your house will Flood!! so dont blame anyone else but yourself for the purchase. If you want to live in a house near a river then every now and then expect to be flooded….dont blame the agenicies for not dredging It”

Climate changes? Bad planning and management?

Gardens driveways drainage floods whatever the cause, whatever the result, we need to be more respectful of the environment.

As a resin bonded aggregate company we work with drainage all the time.  Recyling and managing water and waste  is key.  We must all try. Things will not get any better, but what we do have to do is manage the best we can.


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