Nottingham commercial resin bound area

February 26th, 2014

Nottingham commercial resin bound area

We received a call recently for a Nottingham commercial resin bound area  that had been completed some short time ago (not more than a year I am sure).

The resin bound surface had been installed using a natural aggregate finish.  However the Nottingham commercial resin bound area was having a few difficulties. Namely it had some patches that were lifting.  Only small but they were of detriment visually to the Nottingham commercial resin bound area.

I am not sure why they did not return to contact their installer, however, that aside, we went this week to have a look.  The client had very kindly taken some images  beforehand so we knew what we were looking for.

On arrival at the site (never very easy access in Nottingham) we could see the offending patches.  Quite a few by all accounts.  We had a good inspection of the site and then returned to contact the client for this Nottingham commercial resin bound area.

We informed the client, that yes it is repairable.  However we did notice a couple of things with the installation and any repair works would not eliminate the long term problem.

  1.  Resin bound is permeable but it had been laid on an impermeable base (namely concrete)
  2. Various areas had had holes drilled to allow drainage of water.

This obviously is a bit of a contradiction as resin bound is permeable so to ensure the efficacy of the porosity the surface underneath should also be porous – concrete is not.

The holes added after would not resolve the problem as it would only allow water through to the areas that were drilled.  If these have been  drilled through to below the concrete it may offer a part solution

This Nottingham commercial resin bound area is only used for foot traffic so after such a short period of time, it should not be causing a problem.

Reasons for this?   Incorrect application/installation?   Why?

Because a permeable  resin surface on an impermeable surface doesn’t  work.  The water can sit between the two surfaces and cause a problem.

We will however repair if required, as it would be false economy to leave it as it is.  We have suggested that this customer return to the installer first so they get the opportunity to remedy the damage.

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