permeable paving options slow uptake

February 22nd, 2014

permeable paving options slow uptake

According to the BBC news report  –

UK going in ‘wrong direction’ on flooding, experts say

 By Roger Harrabin Environment analyst
“Development appears to be continuing in areas of significant flood risk despite planning controls. Urban green space is being lost and gardens are being paved over. Permeable paving options are available but their take-up appears very low.”

Permeable paving slow uptake is not a surprise.  Not only is it expensive, it has the potential to harbour organic matter – weeds – moss -algae.  Certain  impracticality  such as the hygiene element with regards to pets ( the ability for urine and faeces to permeate through cannot be a good thing – can it?)

In addition the requirement  of suds is to manage the run off water –  it is not that it must be a permeable surface so this should be remembered when saying permeable paving options slow uptake.  Could this be a reason why?

Everything we as a race do has an effect.  Where we remove organic matter to  the extent that we are currently doing this,  and then  replace it  with hard non organic materials like concrete for developments and roadways, then this is bound to affect all things.  Wildlife for example – the water table –  being included as well.

We need to take stock now of what we are doing and the effects.  The Prime Minister says money is no object, but it is no good throwing good money after bad.  We need to address this very carefully.

We have been fortunate in Mansfield compared to other Counties, however as  large developments increase in the area  (on Berry Hll Lane the new Miller Homes development is providing 19 homes on what size area? ) The blame on permeable paving options slow uptake – pales in to insignificance compared with the “footprint” these large developments with be leaving.

Sink holes seem to be appearing at present as well.  What is all this about?  The sea is reclaiming some of the land.  In December it was reported “The worst tidal surge for more than 60 years battered coastal towns along the east coast of Britain last night”

No single solution is available.  Permeable paving options slow uptake not being fully to flame then.   We have to readdress how we do things now! before it is too late.