resin bonded resin bound make do and mend

February 28th, 2014

resin bonded resin bound make do and mend

Is that a  fair statement resin bonded resin bound make do and mend- really?   If you have a good solid surface such as concrete and tarmac then our resin bonded resurfacing is the way forward.


Because if what you have is not broken (so to speak) why fix it? By that we mean – why  remove your existing – concrete, tarmac imprinted concrete?

Why have the cost of skip?

Why have the mess and disruption?

There is no reason to have any of this!

Concrete in particular is such a valuable  (admittedly not always attractive) product.  However it is used worldwide because of its strength.  Recently with the sink holes  appearing the result has been to fill with concrete so that is a recommendation in itself!

Resin bonded resin bound make do and mend is another durable option for a driveway, path or patio.  Resin is used in so many ways – waterproofing boats for example.  If it is good enough for boats then it is good enough  to stand up to this horrendous wet weather we are experiencing.  Reports are saying the wettest for 100 years!   Just think if you have owned your property for say 20 years and it was build say 20 years ago – then look at your driveway  and paths.  Have they been down as long?  If so  how good is the concrete?  Well if it is visually worn and tired that does not make a reason to get rid.  You  may not get as good a surface as 2nd time round – so

resin bonded resin bound make do and mend!

so to speak.

I have excluded tarmac on this but to be fair tarmac can be just as solid.

We have had an enquiry this week from a local Mansfield resident. We are happy to provide free no obligation quotes.  We have just been to see a local resident who has seen our resin in situ and as a result called us up.  Remember our anti slip option will extend and life of your existing surface. No free thaw effect.

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