resin gravel driveway base – suitablity being key

February 2nd, 2014

resin gravel driveway base

Plenty of enquiries this week – ranging from Sheffield, Mansfield, Ilkeston  and Chesterfield  to Kensington!    However not all good solid enquiries so to speak.  Resin gravel driveway base suitability can be an issue.  If the base is not a good solid installation then we need to consider alternative measures or installations.  Fortunately we have a good team and a good range of contacts to be able to offer a solution in most cases.

Because the resin gravel driveway base needs to be a solid monolithic area to provide a stable and durable support for vehicles – it is imperative we ensure the suitability  (hence the need to visit potential works). We have had a return visit from a client whose driveway we resurfaced last year.  Our client wants us to now complete  a resin bonded gravel application for the concrete paths  areas.  Due to refurbishment of the property and the crazy wet weather  (some say the wettest for 100 years) we have been experiencing they have found it necessary to anti slip and protect it from the elements sooner than they expected.  The weed situation can be quite a problem as well.  The cracks in the surface we are intending to resurface are prone to attacks by weeds and once weeds get a hold they can really be an issue.  And they certainly need nipping in the bud.

This  return client  job   will be completed later in the year.  The property is being renovated so there are other works to complete first anyway.

A local car dealership from Nottingham has been in touch looking for a solution  to a problem they have.  An oil leak has left a nasty and permanent reminder on a clients drive. One of their courtesy cars had leaked.  Our resin bonded stone ( or aggegrate as it is also known) may be a solution and from the information provided there would be no issues with a resin gravel driveway base being an effective option for hiding this mark. However to be fair –  a tarmac paint would remedy the situation, however this would not offer the resistance to further oil spillage or  for the long term.

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