scatter coat resin bonded stone

February 8th, 2014

scatter coat resin bonded stonescatter coat resin bonded stone

scatter coat and  thin layer are  words  very often used by companies (who chose to use the resin bound option in areas where we do not advocate this) when describing resin bonded stone, resin bonded aggregate  and resin bonded gravel as it is also known.  Sometimes in a derogatory manner which is not very kind to a product we have been working with for over 12 years now.

Quite rightly our resin bonded stone (or thin scatter coat  resin bonded stone as it is very often described) needs a solid substrate.  The question is why?  Well that is because it is not the  “thin scatter coat resin bonded stone” that takes the weight of a vehicle it is the substrate.  Concrete imprinted concrete or tarmac being the optimum surface.  It is also stated that the scatter coat of aggregate can become loose over time, once again is not a fair statement.  It is also said that resin bound is more durable than scatter coat resin bonded stone – but our research contradicts this.

All our customer enquiries,  whether for resin bound paving or resin bonded aggregate are given the facts and the comparison differences between the two applications.


– resin bound is more expensive as more resin is used to encapsulate the stone.


– resin bound is permeable resin bonded is not.   If a surface is permeable it can be subject to weeds and the freeze/thaw process.

Anti slip

– scatter coat resin bonded stone is anti slip – the angular non coated aggregate provides excellent adhesion and anti slip properties.  Resin bound stone provides a shiny surface as it is a covering for the stone.  This can be “anti slipped” so to speak but is nowhere as effective as the scatter coat  resin bonded stone.

The current climate includes  being green, climate friendly and suds compliant.

Our scattercoat resin bonded stone meets these criteria.  It is green as the polyurethane resin we use is non toxic, uv stable, does not require the removal of the existing concrete or tarmac.   Suds compliance  does not mean a surface has to be permeable, it means the run off water needs to be managed correctly.

Our research proves  that once the difference between the two  is clarified to the customer and they already have an existing surface, that they choose our scatter coat resin bonded stone.

If you don’t believe us call us now and ask for  local examples – Chesterfield, Sutton in Ashfield, Kirkby in Ashfield, Mansfield, Ilkeston, Ripley , Heanor.  Our resin bonded can provide a unique, attractive and durable protective surface.   Virtually no weeds and no mess .  We have recently been recalled to a property to complete the paths after completing their drive earlier on in the year.

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