resin bonded stone differing opinions

March 6th, 2014

resin bonded stone differing opinions

Resin bonded stone and resin bound paving have been around now for quite a few years.  However there is still a lot of confusion over the

permeability  and or porosity

Anti slip  quality

Depth of application

for example.

In addition to this there is the varying descriptive terms for the resin bonded and resin bound stone used on the internet.

What is the reason for these resin bonded stone differing opinions ?  Ignorance? Misunderstanding? Misleading? Not really sure. However sometimes the descriptive terms of the application can confuse  creating resin bonded stone differing opinions .

Although  resin bonded paving and resin bound paving (or stone) may be similar in name they are different both in installation and the final finish.  Resin bonded stone  requires  a structurally solid  surface  (monolithic).  Tarmac, imprinted concrete and concrete  for example.resin bonded stone differing opinions

 Some companies market resin bound as the more superior of the two, however we believe is is incorrect.  One shoe does not fit all and resin bound installations do not provide the same benefits as a resin bonded installation.  They offer DIFFERENT benefits!

It is said by some companies that resin bound offers a maintenance free option – however we believe that resin bonded stone offers this as it is anti slip and requires only a stiff brush one a year.  Resin bound is porous and therefore can be susceptible to weed and moss growth.  (Remember weeds can be seeded by wind so they do not need to grow up they only need to be able to embed).

Thin and  impermeable are words used for resin bonded stone ( and this statement serves to compound resin bonded stone differing opinions ).  Impermeability offers the highest chance of a weed free surface.

One of the key aspects to remember is that if you want to use your existing surface –  if the existing level is correct, then you do not want to increase the level to any great degree as it will affect the existing levels – dpc? butting to the garage door ?

Other things to consider or to at least investigate are why do you want the surface?  is there a surface already in place? is it for a garden path, or a patio or is it a driveway?  What condition is the surface in?

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