resin bound enquiries Nottingham, Mansfield, Belper

March 20th, 2014

resin bound enquiries Nottingham, Mansfield, Belper

Busy week this week with resin bound enquiries Nottingham, Mansfield, Belper, Ripley.   It must be the weather that is bringing the interest in,  However we are aware that one of our customers had seen the resin bound surfacing at the Grand design show recently.  We are also aware that some of the resin bound enquiries Nottingham, Mansfield, Belper are as a result of a recent leaflet drop we have completed in these areas and some are as a result of  the recent  Eco build show.

One of our enquiries was also from the South of the country.  This enquiry had had a resin bound paving installation on top of  a concrete driveway – some thing we would not do.  Why?  Because as we say a permeable product on an impermeable surface ( such as concrete and imprinted concrete  is not a combination we work with).  On having a chat with this enquiry, he was having no problem with regard to this but after 5 months he was finding the surface in need of cleaning.  He was unsure about how to clean it and whether a jet wash would be an issue. he had contacted his installer but just wanted another opinion. Ours being to just use a hose pipe and stiff brush.

This gentleman also had a section of his driveway heated!  Wow what an option  not really a necessity this year so for but who knows.

The gentleman had the heating on only part of the driveway, but all of his path and patio.  It had been installed

beneath the  concrete, with the resin bound installation then on top of this.  Anti slip surfacing is key with
resin bonded applications, but less aggressive resin bound is in our opinion not as effective.  However
a heated driveway may not require the anti slip property so keenly. However we would question the efficacy with regard to a  weed free surface.

We had installed a resin bonded aggregate finish over  a concrete surface 7 years ago and during this time a tree which had shown no sign of invading the driveway at the time, has taken hold and totally lifted the driveway.  We are going to view next week.  Trees can affect the land and surrounding areas so vastly.  With the changes in the weather, perhaps this has a bearing on the growth

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