East Midlands resin based aggregate

April 29th, 2014

East Midlands resin based aggregate including Nottingham

Enquiry today from a local joiner looking for an East Midlands resin based aggregate installer . This client regularly drives past where we are  and has  eventually decided to ask with regard to the options available to him.  Resin bonded resurfacing or resin bound resurfacing was the first question.

The client is currently in the process of having a garage being built and is looking at resin based aggregate resurfacing for his new and existing  driveway and paths.  He is looking to extend the areas first which can be with either concrete or tarmac and then to complete the garage works. 

Very often we find that projects like our resin bonded resurfacing for driveways, paths and patios can be a long term plan.

It  would be foolish to complete our resurfacing before all remedial  and new build works  required have been completed, but this client wanted some idea of costing before hand.  We do try and maintain our prices however one of our suppliers has had a couple of price increases  recently, as the resin components are becoming more in demand.

We have given this client the details of local jobs we have completed – Mansfield, Arnold,  Chesterfield , Nottingham and Ravenshead being the most local for him allowing him to see our East Midlands resin based aggregate works.

Our garage works in Hucknall have been completed and what a difference for this concrete floor.

East Midlands Resin based aggregate East Midlands Resin based aggregate DSCN4892 East Midlands Resin based aggregate DSCN4896 East Midlands Resin based aggregate

We have agreed to return towards the end of the year and see if he is wanting or in a position to accept a more confirmed quote.  Our builder will be providing a cost for him with regard to the garage installation and the driveway extension.

Once the extended area is in place we will be able to advise more accurately as well with regard to the choice of finish.  During our years of installation we have learned that one shoe does not fit all.  A bold finish with a border can visually distort dimensions closing in areas on smaller driveways.  However we can only guide and advise, ultimately it is down to individual choice.

Backtracking to the resin bonded or bound- is a bit of a minefield.  We have tried within our site to highlight the basic differences, but it is always easier to guide and advise face to face. So for a local East Midlands resin based aggregate company call Drive-Cote Ltd.  Remember whether it is a path or  patio  we can help.  Weed free, anti slip and virtually maintenance free. Resin bonded and resin bound installations available.


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