Hucknall resin bonded flooring request

April 22nd, 2014

Hucknall resin bonded flooring request this week for a garage floor.

Driveway resurfacing  is the norm.  However we do seem to be getting quite a few enquiries for flooring in garages and workshops.

We seem to be finding that more and more homeowners are bringing their gardens and the outside to the inside (so to speak).  More and more of  us try to utilise what space we have and try and put it to the  best use.

Garages and workshops are no longer just work environments. Planning permission laws being relaxed means that more and more home owners are looking to develop all areas of their properties.  Maximising and ensuring that the existing bases  we have are protected and this is where resin bonded stone resurfacing can be an advantage.   The resurfacing option does not affect existing levels (unlike resin bound resurfacing).

I have just been checking back and it was over 2 years ago that we completed another Hucknall resin bonded flooring job.

This latest job we will be completing this week  has been painted several times.  Unfortunately the paint did not solve the issue of a marked and discoloured finish. In fact it served to  create quite a slippy  surface ( not unlike imprinted concrete).  Not being very good on their feet our  clients wanted something that would provide a little more grip.  One of the benefits of our resin bonded resurfacing.  This is where once again resin bonded resurfacing  has an advantage over resin bound. Because the aggregate in the resin bonded surface sits proud it provides a anti skid and anti slip surface.  However with resin bound (even though media can be added to create some anti slip qualities) because  the stone  is encapsulated in resin  it has  a less  resistance to slipping.DSCN4704

Don’t forget being based in the East Midlands  Chesterfield, Hucknall, Ravenshead, Matlock, Ripley, Alfreton we can show you some examples of our work,  feel free to call to have a chat.  Tarmac, concrete or imprinted concrete.  Patio, path driveway or workshop and garage.  We can provide an attractive and durable option.  And remember it is a virtually weed  and maintenance free option.