Resin driveway resurfacing solution Mansfield

April 9th, 2014

Resin driveway resurfacing solution Mansfield

Resin driveway resurfacing solution!  This time last year we were emerging from a very cold and snowy winter.  This year what a difference.  Perhaps this is the reason for such an influx of interest. Or perhaps it is because a resin driveway resurfacing solution has been more prominent in local areas?  The concrete ( this includes imprinted concrete)  and tarmac you have in place can be the base for a durable, tough but definitely more attractive surface.

We completed some small works last year on a patio area  in Mansfield and the requirement was that we return in May to complete the driveway.  This client wanted to retain the price we had quoted so confirmed their requirements last year.

resin driveway solution DSCN4072 Drive-Cote Ltd resin driveway resurfacing solution Resin driveway resurfacing solution by Drive-Cote Ltd

May will soon be upon us and this client is  now speedily moving up our order list.

We are out to Huthwaite this week to complete a job we tried to do a couple of days ago.  What a difference a day makes, let alone a year!

With the weather on our side we aim to complete these works today.  This particular job is a concrete driveway and includes steps and a path to the side elevation.

Some of the works we complete are a lot more straightforward.  They may be larger.  Remember every resin driveway resurfacing solution we provide is bespoke.  To the surface and to the clients  requirements.

The suppliers we use for our resin driveway resurfacing  solutions have recently celebrated 30 years  of trading and have been tried and tested by our workers.  Who better than the workers to qualify the product?  Because of the complexities of the resin and its very temperamental nature we need to ensure we  use a quality product. Indeed  a quality service offered by our suppliers is paramount as well.

Remember recycle what you have.  If it is not broke don’t fix it.  You can find a multitude of problems with driveways so if you can re use it, use it.   You don’t have to have a permeable driveway so you do not have to remove your existing.  You need to manage the run off rainwater!  If the water can’t get through weeds cannot grow.

Call us and find a job we have completed close to you.

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