Residential resin driveway installations

May 6th, 2014

Residential resin driveway installations

Residential resin driveway installations seem to be high on the agenda this week (patios as well!) Probably  the nice weather we have been having?  Or possibly the time of year?

All our quotes this week have been within the Nottinghamshire area.  The first residential resin driveway installation quote was for a Mansfield resident who has a portfolio of properties.

A Mansfield town house on a quiet residential street requiring  refurbishment of the property and the gardens.

The driveway was too bad, it had structurally unsound areas but the  patio area  at the rear was crazy paved and had been installed for quite an number of years.  Solid in construction even though the pointing had deteriorated and moss had taken a hold, this patio surface would be a good base for our resin.

In addition this client had a neighbouring property which was in need of attention.  This time a driveway but of concrete which had been badly affected on the surface by the frosts. Only on the surface though as it remains structurally sound.

The client had considered all the usual options, concrete, tarmac, imprinted concrete and block paving.  However coming to the conclusion that these all required the removal of the existing surfaces, the client had continued to investigate further options on the internet.  Finding examples of residential resin driveway installations local, had resulted in this client contacting Drive-Cote Ltd.

Access to the rear patio area was a bit of an issue and the client wanted to sort the option speedily.  This is where resin bonded stone and aggregate are far speedier on installation than the usual options such as concrete and tarmac. 

We do have enquiries from customers who have crazy paving on the driveway but we would not on install on this as the weight of a vehicle requires a good solid monolith surface (which is what our residential resin driveway installations use as the vehicle support).  Foot traffic is fine hence the patio area.

The patio area with the crazy paving would require filling and leveling.  After a couple of days curing  we would be able to install the resin bonded gravel.

This potential client was impressed with the simplicity of application  and the anti slip property and more importantly to him, the virtually no maintenance aspect.  Grey bauxite was the finish he was looking at.   More expensive as it is an imported product, but very popular with our clients. 

Once priced up for this client they were surprised at the saving to be made.

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