resin bonded surfacing unscrupulous workers

May 4th, 2014

 resin bonded surfacing unscrupulous workers

A previous customer of ours who we completed resin bonded surfacing works for sometime ago contacted us yesterday.  We had completed the resin bonded stone installation on his driveway over 7 years ago and he was more than happy.  He was however a little confused at the fact that a team of workers had called  at this property ( the first time in 7 years)  and wanted to know if it was ok to complete necessary works ( by what we now know to be resin bonded surfacing unscrupulous workers )  and that he would be reimbursed.

When they had first  knocked on this Nottingham resin bonded surfacing customer’s door they had proceeded to inform him that the driveway was being checked as it was still under guarantee.  They also said this was part of the service provided by the installation company  (not naming Drive-Cote Ltd merely inferring  a connection with the  installation company namely        Drive-Cote Ltd).

resin bonded surfacing unscrupulous workers resin bonded surfacing unscrupulous workers resin bonded surfacing unscrupulous workers

A team of men appeared and proceeded to brush the driveway.    A further knock at the door and one of the team indicated that an eco drain at the top of the drive  was necessary.

They then said they would fit it, the customer could then pay them even though under guarantee.  The customer could then reclaim the cost from the office!  By this time the Nottingham resident was becoming concerned as he did not feel that everything was “sitting” right.

In addition when the client asked where was Simon, they replied with ease,  he was on holiday.  How simple it would be for money to be obtained by these resin bonded surfacing unscrupulous workers if this resident had not had his wits about him.  This is when we were contacted. Well to say this was a surprise was an understatement. Obviously our conversation resulted in a realisation from the client that this team of individuals were not part of our business, nor were the works they were advocating a requirement or necessity.

We proceeded to advise him to ring the police, and to not pay or allow the men to remain on his property or to continue with their intended works.  This is not only time we have been aware locally of dodgy dealings.  Doorstep callers are regularly unwanted callers and you can display a notice to help avert this sort of situation

Resin bonded surfacing which we have been completing for over 12 years, is an anti slip and weed free product.  This in turn makes it a virtually maintenance free option. 

These individuals have realised that they could intimate their connection with a driveway business ( in this case ours) and potentially get away with tricking people into having unnecessary works completed and obtaining money by deception.

We are aware of residents  being targeted  in Nottingham, Derby, Sheffield, Chesterfield and Mansfield.  Driveways and paths  have always been a target as tarmac and concrete are visible just in passing  properties. We are East Midlands based and do do leaflet drops but always ensure our landline is evident on all literature.  Thankfully this previous customer had retained our details.

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