resin garden path request

May 20th, 2014

resin garden path request

We have recently received an enquiry with regard to a resin garden path and the potential.  The client emailed to ask about a resin garden path  and said

I have older concrete paths in my back garden and wonder if a resin coat would be a cost effective way of bringing them back to life! I appreciate that you may not cover my area but I am looking for a quote or recommendation of someone you may know over this way.  Any help appreciated

Unfortunately we are too far to quote but we did try and guide him a little where to look and what to look for with regard to a resin garden path- see below.

Thanks for the email.  Sorry no we don’t cover your area.  We would not be in a position to quote in your area.

 What you need to look for is resin bonded stone as opposed to resin bound stone.  I don’t know if you are aware of the difference ?

If your existing paths are a solid impermeable surface ( which concrete is) then you need a resurfacing product to  that provides a further impermeable surface  a permeable surface and a resin garden path in resin bonded aggregate would provide this. resin garden path

 Basically if the existing is fine then you just need to protect it further.  The resin bonded stone  is impermeable and anti slip and virtually eliminates weeds (water can’t get down and weeds can’t get a grip).  If you looked at the other option – resin bound paving ( or aggregates as it is also known) , then you need to be aware.

This is permeable and therefore allows the ingress of water.  The other quite important aspect is the depth of the layer of resin. Resin bound is trowelled on and should be applied to a 10 mm + depth which in turn can affect the existing levels.

Resin bonded is spread on and then has the specialist aggregate applied  and will not affect the existing levels.   Back to your question  – can we recommend any one?  The short answer is no.

resin garden pathHowever what we do say is that there  are National Companies  who train installers, however be aware that these seem to  favour resin bound.  That said, you will find that the installers should be trained in both applications.  So bearing in mind the points above, you can put  these comparisons  to the companies and form your own opinion from there.

The other thing to do is look locally and you will find that resin is in various shopping centres and on the local highways?  I would contact the local shopping centres and ask who completed the works.

Also contact your local highways/ council and you may will find that they will supply you with the details of the local contractors.  They may well do residential and if not they may well know a man who does!

Hope I have been of help. If you have any questions – don’t hesitate to come back to me

Whether it is a driveway path or patio, if it is concrete or tarmac we can resurface with resin bonded stone. No mess no disruption and just as importantly it can help eliminate weeds, moss  and algae problems   in addition it will provide an anti slip quality.


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