Cost effective resin stone driveway

June 12th, 2014

Cost effective resin stone driveway

Cost effective resin stone driveway resurfacing  is a simple and effective option for existing concrete, tarmac and  imprinted concrete – monolithic surfaces so to speak.  We are regularly asked what are the options for driveways paths and patios  and we are confident that our  resin bonded aggregate or resin bonded gravel as it is also known,  can solve a lot of problems- cost, waste removal, speed of installation.
This week we have been working in Long Bennington (3rd cost effective resin stone driveway to be completed)  and we know that these clients believe that a cost effective resin stone  driveway is what they are getting.

Is cost  effectiveness purely down to money or is it down to time as well?  We believe  in order to say our cost effective resin bonded stone  is effective  it should incorporate both.

cost effective resin driveway and path cost effective resin stone driveway and path by Drive-Cote ltd weed free option of cost effective resin driveway and path DSCN5035

With resin bonded stone and aggregate resurfacing there is no other alternative which can offer a more durable and attractive finish.  Concrete should not be resurfaced with another concrete product. You can resurface concrete with tarmac but it has to be put on to a deeper level which affects existing levels.   Tarmac can be resurfaced with a further tarmac finish, however, it is a more porous product and subject to degrading with the weather and in particular the freeze/ thaw process.

Block paving needs to be laid  onto hardcore so cannot reuse an existing.  Slabs are the same and one even more important point  are not monolithic surface. Therefore the weight of a vehicle does not always have an even spread over a surface.

A Mansfield concrete path quote has been requested  so we have been out today to have a look.  An elderly couple wanting to maintain their concrete surfaces.  They have had issues with drainage which has been addressed by way of  of eco drainage to alleviate the problem.  This also means that the levels need to remain as they are.  This is something that our system provides – it does not affect existing levels. Time wise our cost effective resin bonded will fit the bill perfectly.

Completing the resin path will certainly be a speedy job.  As with all our works the preparation is the most  time consuming.  Derby City council have enlisted the use of  the latest technology in repairing pot holes with the New JCB 3CX Pothole Master.   However this is not an option for the local residents.  

Si if you live in the local area Mansfield, Ashfield, Bolsover, Blackwell, Hilcote, Swanwick, Ravenshead Shirebrook or Clowne call us now –  Faith and Simon 01623 623986 for a free quote.

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