resin driveway bonded? bound?

June 22nd, 2014

resin driveway bonded? bound?

We recently had a gentleman contact us  (out of our area unfortunately) asking for some advice and a possible quote.

On chatting we established he had tarmac which was a good solid surface (down for some 30 years), and he was looking for a resurfacing option – the question was then  – resin driveway bonded? bound? Which is why he called us to find out.  After chatting c0nfirmed our conversation via email as follows

To reiterate and to answer your original question – resin driveway bonded? bound?  you should be looking for resin bonded as opposed to resin bound firstly.

resin driveway bonded? bound? by Drive-Cote Ltd


just to confirm a few aspects

Resin bonded is impermeable (therefore is ideal for tarmac and concrete as they are basically impermeable)

Resin bound is permeable and is more suited to foot traffic  and needs a permeable substrate such as compacted hardcore

If a resin bound – permeable surface is applied to an impermeable surface where does the water go?

Resin bonded is applied to a maximum depth of 5-8mm

Resin bound should be  with a depth of at least 18mm

Resin bonded needs virtually no maintenance just a jet wash and stiff brush

Resin bound needs to be regularly treated for moss and weeds

Resin bonded DOES NOT affect existing levels

Resin bound DOES affect existing levels.

Resin bonded is anti slip

Resin bound does have anti slip qualities but nowhere as effective as with  resin bonded

Resin bonded should be in the region of £40 per sqm

Resin bound should be in the region of £70 per sqm.

On to the subject of companies who may help you. A lot of companies market and install resin bound.  However a good resin company should be able to work with both resin bonded and resin bound  and should certainly install the right product for the right surface and purpose.”

We then went on to offer 3 large National Companies  for him to contact and  to see if they could help him

We also suggested

Another consideration is to look locally, Supermarkets have what they call tree pits (resin bound  permeable areas but still resin) On the highways – contact your local council and they should be able to tell you who the installer is – they may have a residential arm to their business.

Local shopping centre – ask them who they have used.

As I said a good resin company should be able to work with both products and should be able to explain to you why they use the resin bonded (or not as the case may be) and when you raise the points above they should be able to lay your mind at rest.

If you want any further info then don’t hesitate to come back to me. Email is always good as I am in and out a lot.

Let me know how you go on!”

We work with existing concrete, tarmac and imprinted concrete surfaces.  Whether it is a driveway path or patio we can resurface.

Being an independent  company we are not affiliated to any large concern.  Kirton, Southwell, Mansfield, Matlock, Sheffield, Sherwood, Arnold, Bilsthope, Ilkeston, Codnor, all areas we can work within.  It is free to call us now.


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