resin driveway refurbishment toton

June 17th, 2014

resin driveway refurbishment toton

Toton and Nottingham area have been the focus of works with regards to quotes this week.  We have in addition to this completed a large refurbishment of a concrete driveway and path.  This job came via a recommendation of a neighbour who had seen us completing works locally. When we are in an area we always try and do a leaflet drop in the area.  This has two main purposes ( well three if you count keeping the lads occupied in the short curing process time) it markets in the local area what we do and also gives local residents the opportunity to have a competitively priced quote whilst we are local to the area.

resin driveway refurbishment resin driveway refurbishment by Drive-Cote Ltd resin drive resin driveway refurbishment Nottingham

This large concrete driveway needed very little preparation work. But what a difference.  This resin driveway refurbishment in Nottingham was completed in a day.  How many other driveway products can say the same thing?

Block paving – No

Imprinted concrete – No

We have also been to see a job today. This one is for a  decorative walkway garden area. This client actually has resin down at the moment.  The existing resin is bound as opposed to resin bonded, but that is not an issue.  The colour had faded over the past 15 years and cracks had developed.  No moss was evident but the customer regularly treats the area as it is susceptible to moss. (This is one of the downsides to a porous product).

This client had found our details on the internet.  We have priced and hopefully we will be able to complete works for this client.

Next week we are local with our jobs and one of them is  for a resin driveway refurbishment in Mansfield.

This client has an older property with an even older concrete driveway.  Structurally sound but not very pretty.

One of our recent orders is for a coloured finish which will really enhance this garden, driveway and property.  There is a red brick finish at present so the pigmented finish of our resin driveway refurbishment will bring all of the outside area together.

All projects that we complete are bespoke and individual.  With over 12 years experience in the installation of resin driveways and paths, we aim  to provide a smooth ,simple and cost effective  installation.

Chesterfield, Derby, Newthorpe, Jacksdale, Heanor, Mansfield Woodhouse, Keyworth, Wollaton and Bramcote.  We can resurface with resin bonded stone offering a  virtually weed free and maintenance free surface.