resin driveway – relatively new option

June 24th, 2014

resin driveway – relatively new option

This is a question we get asked a lot.  Resin driveway – relatively new option?  the simple answer is no.  I found this thread on the internet whilst researching our competitors (as you do).  Just from the discussions online and  comments it is clear to see how confusing information is available.

Resin is a highly versatile product  and has been in use for a number of years.  If you look at the dates on this forum you will be able to answer the question resin driveways – relatively new option – as these alone date back to 2010.

Some of the points raised and  answered (not always correctly we will add) are as follows:

We’ve got an ugly concrete driveway in front of our house, and for various reasons it isn’t practical at the moment to dig it all up and lay a new one.

I was looking around for any cheaper options, and I came across the idea of a resin bonded gravel layer on top of the concrete. It looks great in the pictures – does anyone have any real life experience?”


Most applicators will want to start a fresh and pull up old concrete making it a bit expensive. They will want to give a warranty


You can DIY this. If the existing concrete is sound, then its just a matter of scrapping off any loose stuff, filling any dips or holes and then coating.

You can get the resin, binder and top coats from various online suppliers and the gravel or whatever can be sourced locally if you like. You may need to buy some special rakes or squeegees or mixing paddles for the application, but it will still be all cheaper than getting a firm in. It really is not that hard or “specialist”

You may get at least 10-15 years out of it, may be much more, as it depends on the prevalent weather that the drive gets, and the sun breaking down the resin bond. Good drainage is a must.

Another problem for drives, is that cars tend to be driven in the same place, and wheels turned in the same spot, and so particular areas may get more wear and degrade sooner. But that’s not to say that as a whole, the surface wont last long.

Prepare the base well, apply it properly and it can be one of the best looking drives you can get – especially if you incorporate some other paving, and think about the design a little

Some true facts but also some misconceptions.  How do you distinguish?  Can you be confident that a resin driveway – relatively new option – is installed correctly?

resin driveway - relatively new option

Have a look around our website, lots of information for you to peruse and even more important it is free to talk!

Whatever your thoughts it is a more cost effective option than block paving. It it a lot speedier to install than block paving.  A resin driveway path or patio has anti slip properties not offered with imprinted concrete.

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