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June 8th, 2014

resin driveway website images – have these companies completed all the works they say they have?

resin driveway website images are easily obtainable nowadays. The question is a – re they completed by the actual company, or are they just there for website purposes?

We have been completing resin driveways paths and patios now for over 13 years.  All the resin driveway works completed and shown on our website  and on our galleries and posts are our works.

We have recently come across a company,  not local to us though, who are saying certain works are theirs  – when they are not.

With the magnitude of the internet, the use (or misuse of images)  and details is going to happen as is plagiarism .  However to be blatant about it (we have approached this company on at least 2 occasions to remove our works from their site)  is not good practice.  In our opinion this could reflect on a companies reresin driveway before installationputation.    If they are not honest about their works and portfolio, what about the works they complete?




resin driveway images by Drive-Cote Ltd



Resin driveway website images also very often have the details of whether it is resin bonded or resin bound.  As we regularly say there is a difference between the two.

Porosity, depth, anti slip and virtually no maintenance.

With over 12 years of experience we have a wealth of jobs available to be viewed on request.  If you highlight a particular image on our website, we can tell you where it is for you to view.

We have been ouresin driveway images by Drive-Cote Ltdt tresin bonded path by Drive-Cote ltdo complete a job at Long Bennington this week , with a return visit to complete a second.

resin driveway and path Long Bennington

Completed resin driveway resin bonded aggregate path

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