resurfacing slippy imprinted concrete surfaces

June 29th, 2014

resurfacing slippy imprinted concrete surfaces

Busy time over the last few weeks, lots of enquiries ranging from driveways to paths and patios.  With regard to the surfaces to be covered these have been  ranging from concrete,  tarmac and crazy paving to resurfacing slippy imprinted concrete surfaces.

Our area of cover ranges also within a 60 ish mile radius, but the extent of area can become less available depending on the size and works required.

In our line of work  – resin bonded driveways, resin bonded paths and patios, resin bound paving (permeable paving), we try and be practical with regard to area limitations.  The weather can be a  particular enemy of ours.  In optimum weather and accessibility conditions  we can complete a lot larger areas and this is where  resurfacing slippy imprinted concrete  surfaces  can be a feasible option.  However bring on the Autumn and the potential damp conditions we have to be more  considerate of the area,  size and where the actual job is.

When it comes to customers we are not in the business of decrying other surfaces or business to them.  Our resin bonded stone, aggregate, gravel – all names commonly used – is designed to resurface existing  for whatever reason, but originally for the purpose of rejuvenating and refurbishing old, tired and worn.

However every once in a while we come across a request to cover a reasonably new surface and this has been the case this week.

Most of our enquiries this week have been local Ilkeston, Marehay, Ripley, Mansfield, Langwith, Shirebrook, Chesterfield, Kirkby in Ashfield and Nottingham but we have had one from further afield.resurfacing slippy imprinted concrete surfaces

This request stems back to a conversation we had with an enquiry over 2 years ago.  During that time they have been contemplating their options.  A large expanse of imprinted concrete (adjoining to the neighbours property) has been causing them issues.  They have sealed and tried to anti slip the area but so far have been unsuccessful in creating what they considered to be a safe walking area.

Whilst this surface is structurally sound and there are no issues on this aspect and even more sadly it is a new and recently installed surface (less than 5 years), it is a problem to these customers.

We have now been called in to provide resurfacing slippy imprinted concrete surfaces options for this customer.  We have yet to view the area, but have been able to google and can see straight away the issues.  If there had been an area left as a walkway then they may not be in this position.

The client has a beautiful garden and wants to maintain the element of bringing the garden to the driveway and vice versa.  We may well pick out areas to resurface or may well be called upon to provide a  resurfacing slippy imprinted concrete surfaces option for all of the area.