resin bonded paving works Newthorpe

July 27th, 2014

resin bonded paving works Newthorpe

resin bonded paving works Newthorpe –  two lots on the same property on the go this week.  This weather is certainly creating a lot of interest!  The resin bonded paving works Newthorpe are for 2 patio areas and a front path.

We always try and ask our customers why they want the resurfacing.

Is it because the exisiting is slippy?

Is is because it is unsightly?

Is it because you want to incorporate more of your hardstanding areas of concrete and tarmac?

Do you want to extend and make the areas look uniform?

There is no uniform answer.  Very often  circumstances similar to the resin bonded paving works Newthorpe being that  it is a good solid surface just in need  of protecting to ensure longevity and to make it a more attractive area.  Sometimes it may be that the surface is deteriorating and it needs protecting. Sometimes it may be a shady area and moss and weeds create a problem.  This is where our company Drive-Cote Ltd can help. Being based in Mansfield in the East Midlands we can access four counties Leicesteshire, Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire.

Whether it is a driveway path or patio, whether it is tarmac, concrete or imprinted concrete we can resurface.

resin bonded paving works Newthorpe before resin bonded paving works Newthorpe patio before resin bonded paving works Newthorpe patio after resin bonded paving works Newthorpe path by Drive-Cote Ltd

One of the surfaces we have been asked to work with is a resin bound surface!  The customer had this installed over 5 years ago. It has blown in areas, it has some cracks and it has lost all its colour and as it is a permeable surface it is suffering with moss.  As we always say if water can get in the weeds can.

The resin bound surfacing encapsulates the surface of the stone, it gives it a clear glossy type finish.  However, every time a car wheel goes over it (and we all tend to park in the same place and have the same run on to our driveway) it wears.  Therefore it requires maintenance by way of a seal.  Very much like imprinted concrete.  This is not wrong however –  this means it requires maintenance with regard to this and the when the resin bonded paving works Newthorpe are completed this will not be necessary.  In addition the coating for resin bound stone is  like sealing imprinted concrete, it can make it very slippy. Resin bonded paving works are more aggressive (if that is the right word) and therefore key in providing an anti slip option.  In addition this also virtually eliminates weeds. If you have a slippy surface and do not want to go down the route of a complete resurfacing then you can locate lots of helpful information on the internet to guide you

Chesterfield, Edwalton, Bilsthope, Shiorebrook, Heanor, Langwith, Warsop and Church Warsop all local areas.  Call now for a free no obligation quote. 01623 623986.

Resin bonded aggregate, resin bonded stone and resin bonded gravel are the same as resin bonded paving.

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