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July 22nd, 2014

what makes a resin bonded stone expert ?

Difficult question to answer without appearing to be derisive of other companies.

We have been completing resin bonded stone works for over 12 years.  Does this make us a resin bonded stone expert?  Who is to say.  What we can say is

  • We will provide you with a fair and competitive price.
  • We will provide you with a free quotation.
  • We will only work with a surface that is suitable.
  • We do not have hard sell services.

We have recently completed a nice job in Marehay Ripley and this client has enlisted our services twice!  How’s that for  qualifying as a resin bonded expert.  First we did a patio area (concrete) and then were asked to return to complete the steps and paths!

resin bonded stone by Drive-Cote Ltd DSCN5302 resin bonded stone expert Drive-Cote Ltd DSCN5304 installation by resin bonded stone expert Drive-Cote Ltd DSCN5310 DSCN5311 DSCN5312

In this current climate  and the wonders of the internet we are finding that people are wanting to reuse the things they already have.  I think a common term is “upcycle”  and we think this is a fitting name. We upcycle existing surfaces such as concrete, imprinted concrete and tarmac.  Whether it is a path or patio.  In fact we are currently completing a walling project and will be upcycling  the wooden boxes!(not with resin though)

There are companies popping up all over the place. So be aware of new companies purporting to have completed resin works.  Not all images are their own!  If we say we have completed a job and the images are showing as completed works on our website  then we will have the original of the image!

Being a Mansfield company we pride ourselves on providing a local service to local people.  Chesterfield, Ripley, Eastwood, Woodborough, Papplewick, Bulwell, Stonebroom, Swanwick, Loscoe, Heanor all within easy reachof our base in the East Midlands.

Don’t forget to ask the questions about resin bonded and resin bound – the differences and what difference the type of application will make to the surface it is being applied to.

DSCN5336 DSCN5345 DSCN5346 DSCN5348 DSCN5350

I recently saw a discussion about giving out information (or not as in some cases).  We have nothing to hide and  good quality competition always keeps businesses on their toes. So call us we look forward to receiving  questions.

Don’t forget if it is not broken don’t fix it it!

Call the local resin bonded stone expert for your area – Mansfield Ashfield and Bolsover. Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire and Yorkshire we can help. Don’t forget a resin bonded stone driveway path or patio can add kerb appeal to your property. A virtually weed free alternative to the usual options.


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