Resin driveway providing preventative measure

July 9th, 2014

resin driveway providing preventative measure

We have been asked to install a resin driveway for a local resident due to recent situations with their driveway.

A resin driveway providing preventative measure is what they are looking for as the imprinted concrete in place is unsafe in their opinion.

One of the incidents that has occurred on our clients driveway has resulted in the Postman  refusingh to walk up the drive.  The Post Office  have instructed our client  that due to the slipperiness of the surface and the slope,  their delivery man has refused to continue to walk on it and the Post Office  support him in his refusal.   Evidently he has already slipped on it  twice and is not prepared to chance it again.  This is not a first for us with regard to providing  an anti slip resin driveway providing preventative measure.

In cases such as this it is a shame,  to a great extent,  because there is nothing wrong with the surface they have down,  structurally.  However  the installation company have sealed the surface with anti slip sealant, but  the efficacy is not adequate.

Resin driveway providing preventative measure

This particular client has waited  but his existing surface of  over 3 years has beaten him.  He feels he now needs to sort this matter hence the resin driveway providing preventative measure.

We have offered to resurface a pathway type section.  The driveway has a border detail which we could work with.  Either resurfacing this area with the resin bonded stone or aligning a path area for people to walk up.  However our client is adamant that he wants the whole area covering.

When we price up for all our works we try and offer an honest service.  Our resin bonded aggregate was born of a requirement to resurface existing as a result of damage,age marks and stains.  Or even to incorporate new and old areas.  Our resin bonded stone provides a recycling service not a replacement.

Feel free to browse our site for information and examples of our work.  Feel free to contact us via our online form, or just give us a call.

Don’t forget we recycle existing surfaces such as tarmac and concrete.  Providing a weed free alternative to the usual options.

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