resin bonded gravel weed free option available

August 31st, 2014

resin bonded gravel weed free option available

We regularly get asked if  there is a resin bonded gravel weed free option available.  The simple answer is no.  However resin bonded gravel  is a virtually weed free option as opposed to resin bound gravel which is not.

There is a plethora of information on the world wide web and what we say is just read up as much as you can on the forums for example.  Or alternatively call the companies you find – a good company will take the time to talk and explain

What you should note is that resin bonded gravel,  is as good as it gets for a weed free option.

Remember weeds can grow up (porous surfaces allow water to drain through) and they can also be airborne seeds which germinate on the surface.

resin bonded gravel weed free option available resin bonded gravel weed free option available to combat this. virtually  weed free option available


A valuable resource for clients and businesses alike  is the paving expert  they have a mine of  information on all potential works from tarmac through to concrete, imprinted concrete and  block paving – you name it they have it.  Below is an extract from their site.

Full details of other products from  including high-strength mortars, screeds and specialist coatings are available from their website.
As described on the Introduction to Resin Bound Systems page, there are two principal methods of applying a resin-bound surfacing to any pavement: Trowelled and Scatter Coat (also known as “Surface Dressing”). The Scatter Coat method, which includes the RonaDeck Resin Bonded Surfacing system, is probably the more popular, as it offers a number of advantages:

  • Easier to apply – no need for highly trained operatives
  • Cheaper – because the expensive resin is used only at the base
  • Fast – surface can be trafficked in as little as two hours
  • Versatile – the resin can be applied to awkward areas, such as steps
  • Lightweight – the finished surfacing can be as little as 4-6mm thick

Uses & Applications:

Resin Bonded Surfacing is eminently suitable for a wide range of surfacing projects where an attractive, gravel-like, natural-looking surface, with excellent anti-slip properties is required. Although it is proving to be a popular choice for driveways and patios, it is also widely used in the commercial sector for use on car parks, footpaths and cycleways, shopping malls and leisure facilities, schools and play areas, and is a market leader for use on steps, ramps, balconies, footbridges and other areas that require a simple, low-weight surface with a high level of slip resistance. Its use is not limited to outdoor applications, though – it is equally suitable for indoor applications, such as retail areas looking for a more natural flooring, for atria, corridors, factory floors, stairwells, etc.”

Whether it is for a driveway, path or patio preparation is key.  This includes investigating all options.  Remember nothing is perfect.  It may be cost –  it may be labour – it may be maintenance – it may even be all three!    Remember  our anti slip surfacing provides  a virtually resin bonded gravel weed free option.

Kirkby in Ashfield, Ilkeston, Mansfield, Chesterfield, Derbyshire,  Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire, Nottingham, Arnold, Wellow call Drive-Cote Ltd specialist installation company.  Call 01623 623986 to find out if there is  resin bonded gravel weed free option available for you.


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