anti slip red resin bonded path installation

September 2nd, 2014

anti slip red resin bonded path installation

This client wanted to reuse the existing surface already in place.  This is exactly what our anti slip red resin bonded path installation provided.  No mess, no disruption and completed in a day.

You can see from the images that this anti slip red resin bonded path installation needed  to provide a more aggressive finish for this client.  The actual concrete already in place was fine structurally but had a slippy element to it.  The gradient was quite apparent and this had caused the owners a little issue so our resin bonded aggregate solved the problem.

DSCN5513 DSCN5519

It has been a busy time recently.  Enquiries coming in from all parts of the Country.

The anti slip properties provided by Drive-Cote Ltd installations stem from anti skid surfacing.

One of the current road surfacing materials is a hand applied, resin based road surfacing material provided by a company called  Adbruf which provides  high skid resistance. High friction (or anti-skid) properties are achieved and maintained throughout the service life of Coldgrip by the use of high PSV calcined bauxite aggregates giving a skid resistance value (SRV) of 70 minimum. By providing high friction anti-skid contact with vehicle tyres, braking is achieved more effectively, reducing the risk of skidding and loss of control of the vehicle.

Coldgrip is proven in use on the most highly trafficked roads such as motorway slip roads, trunk roads and major traffic intersections.

Ravenshead, Belper, Kilburn, Chesterfield and Dronfield all locations we have works we can provide details of for you to visit

Our resin has a fast curing time curing, especially at lower temperatures, it is  an odourless non toxic product.  Polyurethane based it provides a seamless resurfacing and virtually weed free option for your driveway path or patio.  It provides a virtually maintenance free product that will ehance and prolong the life of your existing concrete, tarmac or imprinted surface.

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