resin bonded aggregate drive beats resin bound

September 30th, 2014

resin bonded aggregate drive beats resin bound

or does it?

Well there are two schools of thought, and our school of thought is the  projects we work with when resurfacing existing surfaces require an impermeable product so  a resin bonded aggregate drive beats resin bound.

This Ilkeston  badly completed resin bound  aggregate work laid on to an  existing concrete driveway was fairly recent in application.  The customer had complained to the company only 8 weeks after the  installation but unfortunately they had gone out of business.

We took two days to repair with our specialist filler.  Due to the fact that resin bound needs to be laid to a depth of  18 mm (bearing in mind the actual drive was already at optimum level for drainage and the existing surfaces) this required metal edgings to support this depth.  However the actual resin bound application was inconsistent in depth ranging from 30mm (on the edges)  to  5mm in most  places.  In fact you could rub  off this resin bound driveway with your feet.  One good thing with regard to this was that there was no weed growth – there was moss there however!

This is how it looks before and after

This company had also covered over the manhole which had  in turn bonded the lid to the frame!    This was almost as bad as previous job we quoted on  where tarmac had been placed directly onto soil!  At the time we did not think there was much chance of worse.  What do they say never say never!  In this instant a resin bonded aggregate drive beats resin bound.  The is not to say that a resin bonded aggregate surface is the best in all circumstances.  Expertise and specialist knowledge provide the necessary surface.

Resin bonded resurfacing is completely different to resin bound surfacing.

One is porous one isn’t

Only resin bonded should be  laid onto impermeable surfaces such as concrete tarmac and imprinted concrete.

Paths, patios and driveways can all be resurfaced, but not all surfaces should be resurfaced.

Resin bonded aggregate drive beats resin bound when it comes to installing on concrete or tarmac driveways.  The weight of a vehicle is supported by a solid substrate.

Ilkeston, Hucknall, Stoney Houghton, Belper, Eastwood, Newthorpe, Sherwood, Sandiacre Newstead, Papplewick, Ravenshead,  Mansfield Kirkby in Ashfield  we can show you examples of our work.  Call Simon or Faith at Drive-Cote Ltd for an honest answers.

Whether it is for a low maintenance  or virtually weed free surface, we can help.

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