resin bound resin bonded best choice

September 21st, 2014

resin bound resin bonded best choice

A question we very often get asked is resin bound resin bonded best choice?  The answer is simple   we say “There are two resins that are used by most companies.  Some use bound some use bonded.  We use the resin installation that is suitable and fit for the purpose”

We had a recent email from a client  who said “Dear Sales  We are currently doing up a house for a client in Windermere. He would like a resin driveway. The area to be covered will be between 200-300m2. It has crush down at the moment, and would need levelling, etc. Please can you give me a rough guide figure on costings, and how long before you could come and do the work?”

There are numerous factors we need to consider with regard to this and to be able to provide a cost we need to ask a few questions first.  However we can provide basic figures as a guide.

We replied “Thanks for your email.  We did drop you an email to see if you could let us  have a telephone number, however as we haven’t heard,  we thought we would drop you a quick email. We work primarily with resin bonded for driveways  and in order to lay this surface, there would need to be a concrete or tarmac base first.  Once this has been laid  and a curing time has passed we would be able to resurface the area with resin bonded aggregate”.

In addition we highlighted  that if you put resin bound on the driveway, then you would be using a less tensile strength for a driveway,  than is really suitable.  In addition resin bound driveways are susceptible to weed and moss growth and require maintenance. Why we get asked?  The answer is simple if a surface is porous and water can get through, then weeds can embed. Always a good source of information is A J McCormack who have a plentiful supply of information.  Permeable paving is an option available to homewoners, not a must

Resin installations came about as a result of resurfacing roadways.  It started with resin bonded which is impermeable, and provides an aggressive anti slip property.  With the highlighting of permeability requirements and suds compliance, resin bound . which is porous came  about.  However not everyone realises that the suds compliance does not dictate that surfaces have to be permeable it merely instructs the need to manage any new run off water.

So when we are asked resin bound resin bonded best choice we reply the right surface for the right purpose.  Look at this gallery and see how it can enhance your garden.  Your path or driveway doesn’t have to me an oblong or a square.

Mansfeld, Bakersfield, Dronfield, Chesterfield, Pilsley, Morton, Alfreton, Ripley, Kilburn,  Keyworth, Kegworth, Long Bennington  we can provide you with a free no obligation quote.

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