resin resurfacing hardcore driveway question

September 27th, 2014

resin resurfacing hardcore driveway question

We were contacted recently  – resin resurfacing hardcore driveway question was the purpose.  Can we install it and if so how much and all this for a mile long driveway!

We advised as follows

Unfortunately your project is outside our operating area.  Resin Bonded Stone may be an option for you but I would say you would find it prohibitive due to cost.  As a guide £40 per sqm would be a good indicator. Based on a mile long  drive at say only at  1m wide this would equate to 5280 sqm at £40 per sqm = £211,200.00  (purely guide figures here).

In answer to the resin resurfacing hardcore driveway question   there are two potential  options with the surface.  Resin bonded and resin bound.  The resin bonded is used on the roadways (albeit on a very superficial and commercial level) and is designed to resurface existing surfaces such as tarmac or concrete.  The surface  down at present is basically a compacted hardcore and this type of base is more suited to resin bound surfacing  – which is not really suitable for vehicles and it is more expensive (£75 per sqm)  Below is some information I have sent to a previous enquiry and it provides a little more background with regard to the two resins

I don’t know if you realise but we work primarily with resin bonded and in order to lay this surface, there would need to be a concrete or tarmac base first.

Once this has been laid you would be looking at about £12600  to £15000 to resurface the area with resin bonded then.

 There are two resins that are used by most companies.  Some use bound some use bonded.  We use the resin installation that is suitable and fit for the purpose.

 For example, if you put resin bound on the driveway, then you would be using a less tensile strength for a driveway,  than is really suitable.  In addition resin bound driveways are susceptible to weed and moss growth and require maintenance.

 Resin installations came about as a result of resurfacing roadways.  It started with resin bonded which is impermeable, and provides and aggressive anti slip property.  With the highlighting of permeability requirements and suds compliance, resin bound which is porous came  about.  However not everyone realises that the suds compliance does not dictate that surfaces have to be permeable it merely instructs the need to manage any new run off water”. 

A key thing to realise is that the resin resurfacing works came first and in order to resurface,   not to actually lay a new surface”

Belper, Ilkeston Matlock, Sutton in Ashfield, Kirkby in Ashfield, Chesterfield,   for your driveway path or patio resurfacing.  Anti slip, moss and weed resistant, there is no better option to resurface your existing concrete, tarmac or imprinted concrete.  Disability discrimination approved –  see out local installations.

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